CADIOX LIFE CARE Pvt. Ltd., is a manufacturer of Aqua health care products such as probiotics, growth promoters, Pond environment enhancers and feed supplements.

We have several years of experience in manufacturing aqua healthcare products with great expertise, commitment and passion. Our mission is to manufacture products with high quality and provide better service to our customers.

Our Company has evolved with an aim to provide timely solutions for a sustainable farming. Product development with innovation, incorporation of latest developments with quality and product improvement with a strong accent on customer delightment is our objective.


CADIOX LIFE CARE Pvt. Ltd gives first priority to product quality and never compromise for quality standards. To achieve better quality we do our best in maintaining international standards at our factory.

Our organization has been recognized for maintaining quality in manufacturing aqua chemicals and has been certified with ISO 9001:2015.

We manufacture aqua chemicals as per the regulation passed by Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, 2015 and our products are certified by Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA).



CAD-MIN is a multi-mineral mixture used in aquaculture. It’s a combination of macro & micromineral elements added into pond water for better shrimp growth & immunity as well as for enrichment of aquatic environment. It helps to alleviate issues from mineral deficiency cramping.


Vitamin C probably is the most important because it is a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator for fishes / shrimps. The fish and shrimp body needs vitamin C to remain in proper health condition.


CAD-Pro-F is formulated blend of selected Probiotic species, Prebiotics, Vitamins & Enzymes for use in Shrimp Feeds. Regular use of CAD-Pro-F helps improve feed conversion ratio, increase weight gain and also to prevent gut diseases.


CAD-PRO-S boosts aerobic biodegradation & Mineralization of organic waste like excess feed, faeces, shrimp moults, suspended organic solids by bacillus strains, that will promote stable phytoplankton bloom for a healthy sustainable pond environment to promote shrimp growth and pond yield.


It will promote and maintain a beneficial bacterial population that will suppress the growth of the pathogenic bacteria by competative inhibition, including vibrio sp in the pond water and in the shrimp’s digestive tract.


CAD-OXY is designed to immediately release sufficient amounts of pure oxygen for emergency need of oxygen depletion in the pond. CAD-OXY is easy to apply and work effectively in releasing oxygen at the pond bottom. It is highly recommended during late culture to help decrease stress and mortality due to low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) at night.


Zeolites are a family of crystalline aluminosilicate minerals. Natural Zeolite is formed by the Devitrification of volcanic ash in lake and marine waters millions of years ago. Zeolite has the element of SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, TiO2, MgO, CaO, Na2O, K2O and P2O5, etc. It is known as a group of natural, inorganic silicates with broad application/benefits to aquaculture.


CAD-SOFT contains novel molecule Disodium Disodium Ethylenediamine Tetraacetate to complex metal ions. The unusual property of CAD-SOFT is chelation. Chelation is capture of a positively charged metal ions by a large molecule. CAD-SOFT has the capacity to chelate almost all positive ions. CAD-SOFT has its own importance in aquatic ecosystem especially in Vannamei, Monodon & Fish culture.


CAD-RED exerts its Antimicrobial effect by releasing Nascent Oxygen while dissolving in water. This Nascent Oxygen destroys Microorganisms as well as waste Organic substances in water through its Oxidizing action.


CAD-TOXCURE is an enriched formulation of Detoxifying bacteria to specifically remove the toxic gases produced in pond bottom environment.

Our processes are rigorously applied and monitored to guarantee Aqua Healthcare Products safety and compliance with all modern quality standards